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Metro Rail Fun Facts

Hyderabad Metro

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Metro Stations
490 K
Daily Metro Passengers
Metro Line

Bengaluru Metro

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Metro Stations
464 K
Daily Metro Passengers
Metro Line

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

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Metro Stations
412 K
Daily Commuters
Time Spent on First and Last Mile
Passengers use Metro to save time

Why choose us

Near Zero Carbon Footprint

At MetroRide we are committed to our environment, all our vehicles are Electric and 100% pollution free.

Most Economical Fares

MetroRide is a fixed route, shared mobility system. This makes MetroRide the least expensive solution for daily commute

Faster Turn Around Time

We guarantee a wait time of no more than 5 minutes for our vehicles using using our AI engine to optimize our routes

Safe and Reliable

Drivers are fully verified and monitored using our IOT devices, making our rides completely Safe and Reliable

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Awards and Accolades

The Founding Team

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Girish Nagpal

CEO and Co-Founder, MetroRide
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Kaaman Agarwal

CTO and Co-Founder, MetroRide


Metro Ride is the only platform, dedicated to daily commuters, that solves the issue of First and Last mile connectivity to and from high frequency hubs like Colleges, Tech Parks and Metro Stations. MetroRide picks up signed up commuters from a designated pickup point and drops them to the desired hub, or vice versa, at a very affordable price.
As a commitment to the environment, MetroRide has committed to using only zero-emission, electric vehicles. MetroRide is the most economical First/Last mile transport for daily commuters, compared to traditional options.
Click on “Refer and earn” in the menu and you will see your referral code. Share this referral code with your friends and when any of your friend registers to the MetroRide app using your referral code, he/she gets a credit to use for rides on our platform. When your friend takes his/her first ride, you get a credit for your use. The value of the credit depends on the city where you use MetroRide.
Before there is a viable solution for the pandemic, MetroRide would install plastic shields between passengers and behind the driver cabin.
All Vehicles will be sanitized after each ride.
All drivers will undergo the temperature screening process before the ride starts
You can cancel your ride before you board the vehicle by clicking on the Cancel Ride button on the app. You might be charged a cancellation fee to compensate the time spent by the driver.

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